Why relationships matter (and good teams should stay together)Featured

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Thank you, Stephanie for writing for us! So happy to feature more public posts written by Elpha members. If you're down to share your story on how you got your job, lessons learned, and surprises along the way, submit a public post and we will feature it!
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I love this! There are a bunch of studies that I love citing on this topic, too, in case folks want to dig into more data on this topic. It’s summed up pretty well here: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/team-success_b_3224506 In my favorite one (Huckman/Pisano) they studied cardiac surgeons, and found that as they gained more and more experience (I guess they have to do rounds at other hospitals, not just their primary hospital?) their rate of successful surgeries only increased at their home hospital. Because teamwork (home team! Including nurses and everyone else involved) is so important to success!
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Thanks so much for sharing, Stephanie! Life has a funny way of coming full circle and the people that have the most impact are here to stay, no matter how much time passes by. This is a great reminder of that, and to keep them close!