TokenWoman Launches and is on a Mission to Promote Female Speakers in Blockchain

THIS! We need more initiatives like TokenWoman in tech and business.I'm honored to be included alongside such an incredible group of women hustling hard to make global change.
Thanks so much for posting this. I speak on blockchain quite frequently, but on a super-niche topic (patents). Organizers often tell me it’s impossible to find women to speak in this area, and I’m thrilled I have a resource to point them to now.
I get the play on words here but am I the only one that dislikes the use of token anything when it comes to inclusion and diversity? For so many years we have been fighting not to be considered just a token in organizations but instead someone that provides meaningful and indispensable impact to any organization we belong to.
Totally agree that the word doesn't do the struggle justice. At the same time, calling it out and prodding the concept of a "token" anything forces people to confront it. I think in some situations it showcases the absurdity.
Great! I speak on Blockchain and sales. Just submitted my data. Thank you.