SFTech4Good: Tech and Teen Mental Health

I just announced this event and would love it if some of you were able to attend! _____Please RSVP at Eventbrite to secure your spot: us at the Google Community Space on the evening of April 29th where we'll learn how social media and online engagement be tools for good.Social media, gaming, and other online engagement are deeply intertwined with the lives of today’s teenagers, and this presents both tremendous opportunities and significant dangers. How can quickly-evolving technology be harnessed to improve the mental and emotional health of teens, and what are the best practices for creating safe online spaces? A panel of experts from the nonprofit and tech sectors will share their insights and experiences, discussing new models that engage teens while facing the challenges of the modern digital landscape.Panelists:- Sheoran Bhupendra, Executive Director, YTH (Youth+Tech+Health)- Ashanti Branch, Founder & Executive Director, Ever Forward Club- Valerie Grison-Alsop, Founder and Executive Director, Give Us The Floor- Sheri Sobrato, Founder, Digging Deep ProjectModerator:- Gregg Baker, Community Manager, UbisoftEvent Timeline:- 6 pm - doors open, grab something to eat and drink, grab a seat, network, and get comfortable- 6:30 pm - Welcome and panel intro- 6:35 pm - Panel and Q&A- 7:35 pm - Overflow time and more networking- 8:00 pm - You don't need to go home, but you can't stay hereThis event is produced by Regina Walton in association with Social Impact Designs.
Thanks for sharing! I have shared with someone I know at a venture firm that works in this space. And Ashanti is a wonderful, dynamic leader. Hope you get a great turnout!
Thanks so much for sharing, myle! Hopefully, he or she will show up because it would be great to meet that person! I'm glad I remembered to post here. :) I'll have to get into the habit of doing so regularly. Considering who is on the panel and the work they're doing around adolescents and the problems that kids face, I'm looking forward to a great discussion! Enjoy your weekend and thanks again!
Feel free to send me your email and I will pass it on and they can contact you if they attend. They said they were going to try and see if someone from their team can attend. My email is [email protected]
Will do! Thanks, myle!