We finally launched on Product Hunt!!

Really excited to announce our product hunt launch today. We've been head's down working to genuinely help teams keep their communities safe when they reopen their offices and I'm really proud of what we built. I'd love feedback from all of you! If you're on PH, join us.
Super cool to see this! I hope it goes well ā¤ļø I am not the target demographic for this, but I can see the need! Iā€™m curious - did this come about because of Covid? Or did you have a similar idea pre-Covid & it evolved from there?
This particular app was born out of covid but our portfolio of apps include infosec and supply chain transparency and existed prior to covid. As an org our mission is to build simple solutions to complicated problems. Coming into 2020 we really wanted to be part of helping to solve some of these challenges. So we split the team and set out to work with orgs on helping them safely manage a return to office. thanks for checking it out!