From software to side hustle, how I make it work - Ginny Fahs, #MovingForwardFeatured

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Hi Elphas – as a reminder – this is part of our public posts series sharing conversations with women across tech on the topic of #careergrowth. Ginny, thank you for sharing with us.Please share your thoughts in the comments below.
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And I'm so glad you took the reign at #MovingForward!! The team is lucky to have your leadership. A bit of history -- I met Ginny through my own side hustle. About six or so years ago when I was working in private equity, I took my first Board of Directors role at a non-profit. One of the other directors introduced me to Ginny. Forever grateful that the non-profit took a chance on me to have a relatively young person on the board. I learned a lot about how to run and grow a successful non-profit, and I also hope I contributed back with a new lens and line of thinking for the Board, who were all far more experienced than I was.If you have a chance to join a board of a growing non-profit-- highly recommend!
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Thanks Ginny for sharing! I am a big believer in the power of side hustles. I first started doing side projects because I wanted to do more, faster, and on my own terms. Instead of feeling stuck or constantly fighting for projects at work, I found side opportunities that challenged me in new ways. Within 6 months, I was offered a position that was several levels above where I was a year ago. That's when I realized that I had leapfrogged my career by showing the world what I can do instead of what my bosses think I can do. In fact, I started my company Rise ( to help women do just that.
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Such an inspiring and uplifting story! Thank you for sharing!