"Why isn't Chicago hotter for tech?"

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I was all over this :) I just moved back to Chicago after 6 years in SF. I had super low expectations, namely to save some money while I got my company off the ground.I was blown away. Chicago is thriving. The startups here are lowkey hustling and killing it. The only thing I've noticed is how insanely conservative most of the VCs are - that ended up not being a problem for me since I kept my VCs in SF.Get a few riskier venture institutions, break the midwest "safe" mentality, and I think big things will be happening in chicago. Also, this: https://www.getcities.org/
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But big things ARE happening in Chicago, that's my point. Just because there is less VC money originating FROM Chicago (I say originating because there is certainly plenty of VC money flowing into Chicago), that shouldn't mean Chicago isn't a "hot" tech hub, right? We have lots of stable tech companies and no shortage of tech workers. We have a passionate civic tech and tech diversity community. Basecamp was founded here which is where Ruby on Rails originated. I could go on. Surely a "tech scene" is more than just VCs throwing money at companies?
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I feel this deeply. I started in tech in Chicago, then that company moved us to Denver, then I moved to a new company in San Diego, and recently moved back to Chicago. Like Chicago is a TECH town for sure. I don't know why people don't think so? I feel like everyone I know works in tech or nonprofits.
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Yeah, the only friends I have that aren't technical or are aren't working at a tech company are lawyers