Is it ever the "right time" to put yourself first?

It's time to break the cycle of holding back due to "not the right time" mindset. Did you know that it's the number one reason women don't invest in themselves? But when is the right time? The truth is, there may never be a "right" time. It's possible that fear of the unknown, feeling undeserving, or not knowing how to put oneself first are the real reasons holding us back.

It's time to prioritize yourself and invest in your future. Whether it's going back to school, getting certified, seeking career coaching, or clarifying your career goals, it's time to take action. You are just as important, if not more, than all of the other things you prioritize daily.

Don't let "not the right time" hold you back any longer. Make it the right time to be proactive about your future. Your future self will thank you for it.

Such an empowering message!You're right there's never a right time per se. There are more opportune times for sure but never really right.