New year New you!!

Hi Elphas,

Who has a new years resolution of finding the next right role? I talk to ladies all the time that have thought a lot about what they hate at their current company/role but never put it to words. They never have people they can go to (except their spouse) to help them break apart what they really want in their current role, their career in total, and in life.

With BossmakeHer, that is what I get to do everyday!

I get to talk to women from all over the US and parts of Canada (hoping some of our European ladies will join soon too) that are Director -C Suite level and are not fully satisfied with their current employment situation. Some have been laid off and need new roles, others have been with their current company for so many years they don't know where they would stand in the market, and others are flat out unhappy due to situations with their current company or leadership.

No matter the reason you are looking for your next opportunity, if you are Director level through C-suite, I am confident we can help. Lets find the RIGHT role for you, not just whatever happens to come next. Lets be intentional about what that looks like for you based on what you love, your experience, AND the market.

You deserve to love what you do! You deserve to be happy not only in your personal life but your professional one as well.

Schedule a time to chat with me here or check out our website to see what we are all about!

thank you for sharing, such a timely moment to discuss!