Hello female founders and investors!

I am a founder of Female Foundry (femalefoundry.co) a community platform for female entrepreneurs in the UK and Europe helping female startup founders raise funding.

We are partnering with Birchbox (birchbox.co.uk) to organise a female empowement event this Thursday 24th of March in Greek Street, Soho, London.

We have invited 5 female fonders to share their stories on mental and physical health. There will be a networking session with VC investors and female founders after the speaker event. Join us!

We have last tickets left!

tickets: https://www.femalefoundry.co/event-details/event?utm_campaign=9303934b-d802-4803-998d-e02767e6ddf5&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&cid=e9331db1-3e86-4e23-8fa3-2d8d54885600

all the proceeds from the ticket sales will go to Bloody Good Period charity.

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Hi Agata! Thanks for sharing! I tagged Elpha London for more reach in your area!
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Great! Thank you very much @@dipishapatel! 🙌🏻🙏🏼
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No problem :)