Seeking 6 Women for my Creator Cohort for my Test Run Coaching programme from Employment to Self employment as Coach or Consultant

Hello Dear Elpha,

Happy Monday!

So of you will know that I published my Book, Be Your No.1 Cheerleader in 2020 and I shared some of that journey in this community.

If my book was to turned into a coaching programme, my new coaching programme would be it!

I'm looking for 6 women to co-create my coaching programme with me. What does this mean?

It means:

  • Your feedback really matters & I'll create things on the fly to respond to the creator cohorts feedback
  • It means that you and 5 other women get to be part of a never to be repeated experience, because when it goes to market it will be streamlined
  • The lenght of the programme is 6-8 weeks, but I won't end it until it is done. That means the set objectives for the programme are achieved!
  • You'll get more of my attention and time at a more intimate level and it will never be offered at that price again!

If you'd like to know more, please send me a DM or get in touch with me via LinkedIn: Ekua Cant

I'm looking forward to having some of you step forward to join us for this very special and unique experience.

Warm Regards,

Ekua 💛

Head Cheerleader for Career Magic