Today, my EBook, Be Your No. 1 Cheerleader launches on Amazon! #selfpublishing

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Congratulations!! What an amazing accomplishment! Thanks for sharing. I definitely want to put it on my list to check out. What made you decide to write a book and how long did this mission take you overall? This is inspiring. Way to go!
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@HannahBaldovino, Thank you for your cheering for the book! I decided to write my Book to give myself confidence to open my coaching practice and to share some insights that I want every Woman to know which is re-framing how you think about "Failure" is one of the most powerful things that you can do for yourself. And yes, of course you've got to step up and root for yourself! Because simply you have the most to gain from doing so. It took me 5 months to write my book and then another 2 months on editing and finishing touches including typesetting, book cover design and proof-reading. Be Bold, Be Brave, Back Yourself and Become your No.1 Cheerleader!Warm Regards,Ekua πŸ’›
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Oooo! Congrats! What was the process of self-publishing like? What did you see as the main benefits to that approach?
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@robotgrrl, Thank you for cheering!The process of self-publishing is not bad. It's just like managing any other project, but you need to understand who you need to get on your team, what budget you have and when you want to complete the project by! The main benefits of self-publishing is that you can bring your product to market faster and you much more control and opportunity on selling via many platforms and collaborations. With traditional publishing you need to check the small print on the deal and you're beholden to their timetable and their needs. Although you do get the benefit of bigger wheelhouse with marketing and promotion.
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Congratulations @ekuacant !! Writing a book is no small feat. I love the sentiments you've expressed above and wish you all the best with this!
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@ShanaThomas, Thank you for cheering! I really appreciate it. :)