What topic would help you make/meet your next great move/goal? #poll

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Learning and self-development is a lifelong endeavour in my opinion. Having a goal to increase your knowledge, to acquire new skills, or to become more self-aware enhances your personal development, growth and career success.

You never waste time when you are learning! You're advancing your opportunity, being proactive and helping to attract opportunities to you.

I am excited to help you finish strong for 2021. To help you progress your career goals for this year, I’m preparing to launch a winter webinar series.

I’d love to know what would be most helpful for you to spend time learning? So that you can gain career clarity and execute your next great career move with confidence.

Please comment on this post and let me know which topic would help you or suggest another topic that would accelerate your progress with your career goals for this year.

What topic would most help you to execute your next great career move?

  1. Habits for Career Success
  2. Making Money from my passion
  3. Overcoming Visibility Blocks
  4. Other, please comment

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Hi @ekuacant! I think the topic that would most help me execute my next great career move is: Habits for Career Success :)So I would love to hear more about it!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts @anemari and participating in the poll! I'm currently working on taking a pulse for the most helpful topics for the webinar series. Please DM me to feed in what you'd like covered on this topic. Thanks.