Free Training for High-Achieving Women Facing Burnout

To the girls who get all the gold stars...

who are struggling with overwork, work stress, or even burnout...

I've got the perfect training for you.

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👉If you've ever fantasized about having a boring, easy job (even though you know that wouldn’t satisfy you)...

👉If you’ve ever felt guilty for taking time off to be present with your family or friends...

👉If you’re yearning to be more strategic and visionary in your leadership…

...this training is for you.

I'll cover:

1. How to work less and still succeed at work (and actually accomplish more as a result)

2. How to get out of the weeds, be less reactive, and be a more strategic and visionary leader in your career

3. How to set and maintain boundaries with more joy and ease (and less drama and guilt!)

4. How to shut of your work brain after work so you can enjoy guilt-free time off, and be present, energetic and joyful with your family, your friends, and in your life outside of work

So join me on Thursday, November 30th at 1pm ET.

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