Want to move to Jamaica? Are you in Finance?https://www.pocmi.com

Hi All! Happy 2022! We are recruiting for a major financial institution and are looking for qualified people who would love to move to Kingston, Jamaica for work in any of the following positions  (possible option to work remotely for a short period):

  • Manager, Structured Products
  • Manager, Alternatives and Fund Management
  • Regional Trading Manager
  • Research Manager

Know anyone? Please have them sign up at Pocmi.com and apply.  Additionally if you refer someone there is an opportunity to be paid for the referral if they are a successful candidate beyond the probation period. Be sure to let me know if you referred someone.  Questions can be directed to [email protected]

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Hey Melissa! Thanks for sharing this :)PS I Have deleted your duplicate post
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Hope it helps someone ... and Thanks @teresaman !
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I want to go to Jamaica while it's cold here on the east coast haha
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lol! Definitely recommend it!
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hehe! Are you based out there full time? Also I found this old thread of yours https://elpha.com/posts/njq33f8u/hi-i-m-melissa-powell so nice to meet you!
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Oh wow! Can't believe 2018 was 4 years ago! ... I generally spend about the same amount of time between Jamaica and the US... I especially tend to avoid cold times haha! It's great to meet you too!