Three years ago, a friend called me for a book recommendation on management. I decided to write the book I knew she needed.

Three years ago, a friend called me with news of a promotion and asked for a book recommendation and advice on getting started in her new role.

I realized that the book she really needed hadn't been written yet. And so - I decided that day to write it, naive as could be about how tedious, emotionally taxing, and painful it would be to actually produce such a book.

But, I'm glad it took so long. The world turned upside down in 2020, and the new normal is here today - and it became a very different book because of this, and so I'm glad my own growth as a leader (and human!) during this time found its way into the pages.

Today, Make Me the Boss launches and I couldn't be prouder. I wrote this book to help my friend, who I know is one of millions coming into people-manager roles during one of the biggest labor-market shakeups in history, and because I believe that the world needs a new type of leader to make sense of it all.

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Wow - love this story and big congrats on the book launch!!
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It hardly feels real - thank you!
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What a great story and congratulations! Book is officially on my wish list. Good for you for reaching for this goal!!!
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thank you so much!!