Exploring new startup opportunities? Join us for "Founders You Should Know" May 18th in SFhttps://www.foundersysk.com/

Hi Elpha fam!

If you're an operator (e.g. engineers, bizOps, product, marketing, etc.) exploring new startup roles, we're hosting an IRL event in SF on May 18th called "Founders You Should Know" featuring some incredible founders and promising startups that you should consider joining.

The early startup ecosystem can be really noisy, and I've found that the best way to get high quality signal on what's actually a great opportunity is to ask people you trust. To decide which startups to feature for this event, I asked some of the top operators and investors in Silicon Valley to answer the question "What’s the one startup you would quit your job to join?”

If you're curious who made the list, apply to attend here:


Apply now, the deadline is May 8th.

We’re picking 50 people from across our existing networks as well as from new applications that come in. We’ll prioritize referrals from people we already know and trust, so list me and Elpha in your application!