YC Tech Talks: Healthcare (next Wed, 5/4, 4 pm PT) -- meet founders in healthtech!https://www.workatastartup.com/events/health-tech-talks-2022

For anyone interested in healthcare / healthtech startups, I'm hosting an event with Y Combinator founders in the healthcare space: YC Tech Talks, Healthcare on Zoom next Wednesday, 5/4, 4-6 pm PT!

You'll have the chance to meet 7 startups, and 3 founders are presenting on topics of their choice:

  • Why nutrition is one of the most interesting unsolved data problems
  • Considerations when building MVPs in healthcare
  • Why healthcare is so broken and how technology can transform it

I'm excited to hear from the founders and would love for you to hear them, too!

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Hi Paige, Is the event only for potential employees or is it open to others? thanks
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@paigeomura Hi! I registered and filled out the information other day, but I didn’t receive a confirmation email. Would you be able to check on this? [email protected] Thanks!