Help our women-led climate tech startup build a strong, diverse team

Dear Elphas!

I need your help. Our young company's #1 OKR this year is to build our team with diversity at the core.  That means we don't just want to advertise jobs in the usual channels and get the usual deluge.  Would any of you be willing to repost this technical job post in your alumni network job boards or on your personal/professional networks?  We want to get the word out and expand our network to ensure no less than 40% of the pipeline represents racial, gender, and educational background diversity.  Thanks for your help.  CEL has 6-10 roles opening over the next year so please also encourage people to stay in touch with us generally.  Any other input any of you have on diverse recruitment pipelines is much appreciated.  We have identified many but are always looking at ways of expanding our networks.  If you are willing to repost I would super appreciate it.  Here is a blurb:

 Full Stack DevelopersTired of using your formidable full stack engineering skills just to extract ad money from people watching cat videos online? If you're ready to #fightclimatechange and #decarbonizebuildings then we want to help you put your full stack engineering skills to good use.️This is a unique opportunity to join a growing startup in the clean energy space. We are looking for team members with entrepreneurial spirits interested in helping grow CEL from the ground up.'re  taking off and want you to join us at the ground floor.  But don't just take our word for it....ask Google!

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LOVE what you are doing! Also as a quick housekeeping note I deleted your duplicate post and kept this one on given it had more details :)