Looking for a Great Opportunity

Hi Elpha community!

My name is Faith. I recently moved back to the US after living and working in Australia the past 8 years. It has been quite the whirlwind reacclimating to the US workfoce. I am targeting roles in which I can use my transferable skills as well as industry passion.

The last 7 years of my career have been spent in healthcare coordination. My gifts lie in operations, program management and high administrative organize need roles! I have foud navigating applying, interviewing and the entire process very draining and discouraging when I found my greatest assests lie outside a piece of paper. Would love to connect with anyone who is in a similar boat, may have a role in mind they'd like to connect with me about!

Look forward to chatting!


Hello Faith! Thank you for posting and welcome back to the US!I am sorry things have been harder for you as you look for roles. It's been hard out there :( Maybe you and @muniai can connect?
Hi Iynna, Thank you for tagging me in this post! I hope my reply above will be helpful. Also, thank you for the advice you have given me previously. While I'm still actively looking to secure a role, the progress has been better than when I posted prior.
this makes me so happy! Please feel free to keep us posted on the progress and how else we can help you (be it with roles , introes, or a general sounding board etc. this community has a lot to offer!)
Hi Faith, I'm so glad we've found a community here to help each other. I have also been out of the U.S. for quite a few years and have been having trouble navigating the job hunt process. However, what I have found helpful is going through not only referrals for jobs but also speaking with anyone who works for the company you are interested in and asking for an informational meeting. This can lead to conversations about how you may or may not be a good fit for the role you have applied for and how to navigate that further. I have tried to identify people who are connected to friends I know very well and then ask if the friend is comfortable with making the connection, which almost everyone I asked was happy to bridge.Iynna also suggested I reach out to as many people I can, even if it meant a "cold" message. I now confidently send over a message that I am interested in the potential connection's work and eventually mention the role I have applied to if the rapport continues. As most people advising in this space keep reiterating, it truly is a numbers game...the more you apply and also connect with people, the higher the chances are that someone will reply. I have gotten replies and some conversational leads from these actions. Happy to chat more in my DMs if you would like.