Looking for employment in Montreal

Hello, I'm Cynthia. I'm looking for employment in Montreal for March. I'm bilingual. I have a background in Computer Science and a focus on data analysis and machine learning.

I'm happy to connect with all of you.

Please reach out if you know a team to connect.

Thank you,


Hello Cynthia! Thank you for posting. There's a few resources you can check out on elpha directly such as (the more official job board with elpha companies promoting roles and you can filter for remote, hybrid etc. some of these are outside of the US and in Canada!), you can also check out (a bit more unofficial as this is a space where elphas promote roles they're hiring for or know someone is hiring for - given the nature of this page, you'll need to look manually if these roles are remote or in Montreal)And lastly this was just posted so maybe you can check out and give a try
Thank you!
of course, let us know how things progress!