How much do you use LinkedIn as a social networking tool?

Hi all!

I am looking into starting a new venture, and I was looking at potentially creating a tool to help optimise your individual LinkedIn presence (so your personal page). Can I please ask for your thoughts on:

1. How/if you use LinkedIn

2. How easy you find to optimise your footprint on the platform - and quite honestly, if you are interested in optimising it.


I send messages to some contacts of whom I don't have the email address from time to time (usually other investors when I have a relevant deal to share), I sometimes posts but that happens maybe once or twice a fiscal quarter :)
Hi Stefanie, 1) Here's a video on how I use LinkedIn to get clients. 2) I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "optimise your footprint" but I'm pretty sure that I'm a yes - interested. I find it pretty easy to get more engagement -- the difficulty for me is being consistent, but when I am consistent I see an immediate spike in people who interact and view my profile.Looking forward to learning more about what you're building!
If I am talking about my startup, I prefer to do so on LinkedIn. I don't like to be "disciplined" on Twitter ā€” ie my feed is random musings and pet pics ā€” and my IG is private. I try to only share things on LinkedIn that are insightful and true-to-me. I'd say on average I post <1x per week. I don't like asking rhetoricals or doing posts just for growth, and I don't do the other hacks like commenting on popular posts to get engagement. I'm not trying to have a huge following, so it doesn't feel worth my time.Not sure what it would mean to optimize my footprint. What would the ultimate goal be? Like I said, total audience isn't of interest to me, but engagement with content amongst my modest group of followers would be.
1. I use it out of obligation; I find people I like who fit parameters, put those paremeters into search, and bookmark the search so I interact with as few people as possible. I will post about 3x a week when I need help with something or to reshare an article of mine. I'm not "afraid" of posting on the platform, but I acknowledge that LI users and I have a pretty big difference in how we view work; we don't get along and that's okay.I have found that the bell notification helps; I find people I like where we share the same interests and engage with them once a day or so. 2. Truthfully I'm not sure what the buzzwords mean.