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All In - From Impostor Syndrome to Authentic LeaderFeatured

ImanOmari20's profile thumbnail
Thank you for sharing this awesome guide
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My pleasure. Thank you for your interest. I’ll be hosting a Clubhouse conversation on the topic on Mar 22nd if you’re able to join.
I'd love to join but Clubhouse seems quite exclusive these days. Can you maybe host it on an open access platform?
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Hi @Aida90. I do have a few invitations to share if you have an iPhone I’d be happy to invite you. And your point is well taken. I’m going to set something up through zoom as well.
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I just got on clubhouse as well & I also have two invites I can share if anyone wants one.
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Excellent@susanfung and i just discovered that in true abundance the more you share the more Clubhouse gives you.
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@elanbailey Nice!! Let’s share away. Lol
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Thank you @elanbailey! I just shared your article in our EvolveMe Slack community. It was so timely as we covered imposter syndrome in our Reinvention Collective program just last week. Thank you for sharing from such an authentic place :)
elanbailey's profile thumbnail
Thank you @linda16. I’m glad that sharing my experience can help others. It truly has been phenomenal to look back now and think about how much I was struggling in a role that didn’t serve me just one year ago. And now I’m getting to do my highest and best work everyday. In my experience it really is an inside out job.
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Wow, thanks for sharing this inspiring story @elanbailey. Through experiencing something similar (high performer suddenly finding myself at the bottom) and speaking to others I learned that it's so much more common than we think - but it was hard to find the clarity and courage you so eloquently describe here. Congrats on your latest success!
elanbailey's profile thumbnail
Thank you @PattiChan. It’s not easy being out on the skinny branches of career transition especially when the experience is so fresh. But I’m glad I could share my story, knowing that others are going through similar challenges and may not have come out the other side.
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"The payoff of playing small was avoiding the risk of failure and rejection. But it was also clear that staying in that environment was costing me joy and fulfilment. And the longer I stayed, under the guise of not having enough time or resources to follow my passion, the more it was costing me in terms of expressing my full potential and making the kind of impact and income I knew I could make."That brings true for me. I have turned down opportunities that I felt that I am not ready for and cost of doing so is enormous. I sure do learn from your thoughts as expressed above.Thank you.Rafiat
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Thank you @Rafiat. I’m glad my sharing has been helpful