From Impostor Syndrome to Impact-Driven Leader

I've noticed that no matter how successful some people are, the experience and conversations about impostor syndrome always seem to come up.Although we may not all identify with the experiences or label of impostor syndrome, the idea of living less than our full potential is one that strikes a chord with many.Last week I had the honor of being a guest of the Vancouver Business Network. I got to share my journey from impostor to authentic leader publicly and engage with a live audience of diverse people (men, women and many races) has thrown me for a loop (as it has all of us) and exposed my broken heart for the state of the world. But I've gone through my stages of grief. And have embraced Coronavirus and our current reality as my wake up call to stop breathing life into my feelings of impostor syndrome and instead focus on the impact I'm here to make. Can you relate?So about that impact... With everything that's going on in our communities and across the globe it’s critical that we double-down on our investment in leadership growth, human connection and meaningful work.I'm unapologetically here to be of service and to UpLevel other leaders. This fall I'm gathering a collective of mission-driven women to activate, elevate and advance one mission... to Live Your Leadership No Matter What. Regardless of who wins the US election or how long we're living with the pandemic.If you're ready to go beyond playing the role of extra in your own life, shake off playing small or feeling stuck and step forward as the author, director and lead actor of your own career, life and leadership, we've made it easy to get involved. And the good news is you don't have to do it alone.Join a cohort (starts October 27th), Do it with a community (starts Nov 2nd) or Join a free roadmapping night (Oct 21st). Or send me a DM if you'd like to connect for a one-on-one conversation.