Looking for mentors / early-stage hardware startuphttps://mean-bean.com/

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Hey Andrea. mean-bean sounds really cool and very needed! I recently connected with @ybai1719 on here, who is a wizard at sourcing/supply chain. I have a client who build tech for startups and I could introduce you to him if you think he'd be a fit. If you need overall strategy/coaching, I'd love to have a chat with you to see if I'd be a good fit. I look forward to connecting more, Diane
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Hi Diane, thank you for the reply! I am open to introductions at this point, as I am looking both for mentors / collaborators to form a first team for mean-bean, as until now I've been doing everything myself, and it is time that I apply for some pre-seed funding and get some people around. I would love chatting with you- you can email me at andreea@mean-bean.com any time to set something up!
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Sounds good, Andrea! I emailed you.