Ready, Set, Pitch is in 1 hour! LAST CALL to hop on SheTransActs' October Virtual Session

Practice makes perfect. Practice your elevator pitches with fellow SheTransActs founders who are also raising. Goal is to smooth out your pitches thru repetition.* You will need to take notes as we all pitch to share to help one another afterwards.* Everyone will receive a feedback file from everyone they pitched to during this session.* You will have the option to add your deck links if you'd like feedback on this as well.Don't worry we will have a quick form for everyone to input their feedback easily after the session.Gratitude in advance to the founders participating in this run thru and deck peer-to-peer founder session. We're helping fellow founders and in turn we all level up and raise more successfully and confidently together.Don't raise alone. We're here to help each other raise more successfully.