Survey for parents of school-age kids: how do you manage school-min? (esp if you're in UK but interested in everywhere!)

Could you take a few minutes to fill out this survey about staying on top of child-related ‘lifemin’ (life admin)? is for my startup, Lifemin, an automated personal assistant for busy parents. Trying to get a fuller picture of the admin burden on parents, to supplement my existing research and experience. I'm piloting in the UK hence the call-out in the title but interested in getting a multi-national view too!)PS I’m also on the hunt for a co-founder and advisors (all disciplines/areas but of particular interest: experience in ‘parent-tech’, AI in a consumer context); if you know of anyone who might be interested, please let me know :)
I took the survey - quick and easy, happy to help out another founder! :)