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Very early-stage founder looking for advice/encouragement and leads for co-founder/advisors/mentors

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Hey Olivia!Re-sharing a thread that you may find helpful:, @jenmy may be able to lend her insight re: marketing!Lastly, not sure if you've checked out our mentors and advisors directory on Elpha, but you may be able to find someone who resonates with your needs here:
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Thanks for the tips, @teresaman - I will check all of those out
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I'd love to talk @oliviaralston ! I'm a COO for women-run startups, expert in BD/ Growth & marketing, and how to scale early stage startups. If you want to talk, feel free to message me or choose a time here!
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Thanks so much @KelseyMarie! Will do!
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Hi Olivia, I LOVE the concept of Lifemin -- I'm a startup founder of 25 years and am happy to say that I've successfully raised 3 humans during that time. However, don't ever ask me what was going on at school during those two decades! The struggle of finding a co-founder is real! I've had some incredible business partners/co-founders (that's when I sold the company for millions) and I've also had one that nearly destroyed me (that's when I went out of business). It sounds like you're at an exciting time, prepping for subscription testing. I'm happy to talk to you -- you may get a few gold nuggets out of our conversation. :-) Message me and let's chat.
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Thank you so much! Excited to speak to you, expect a message from me soon!
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Hi Olivia! I just joined Elpha and your post is one of the first posts I read. I love your idea and though I don't have any leads for your specific requests, I just wanted to say that reading your post just made me feel less alone. I am a dentist, own a dental office, starting another company in totally different industry, trying to be a decent mom and wife and trying to figure out how to do everything well. Anyways, I wish you the best and look forward to seeing LifeMin come to life :)
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Thanks so much Heather for your kind words - I wish you the best of luck too!
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Thank you!