Hi all,My name is Aileen and I'm a student studying CS with hopes to someday become a professional UX/UI designer and engineer. I've wanted to start working on personal projects in UI for a while now and was trying to figure out what could be a good first-time UI redesign to create a case study off of and I figured hey - why not Elpha? I have a UX survey attached to the post and I'd really appreciate if you all could help me out by taking a second to complete it (8 questions). I figured this is the perfect community to pitch my survey too since, of course, we all use Elpha but I'm going to make sure to reach out to other communities as well to recieve un-biased feedback. Since I'm new to the world of case studies, I'd appreciate any and all feedback that you could provide! Thanks Elphas :)
What an interesting idea Aileen! Filled out! Separately I'd love to hear your thoughts as well on your thoughts on UI/UX with respect to Elpha :) Feel free to DM me in case you don't want to create any biases for those filling out your survey!
Hi Teresa, Thank you so much!!! I'll definitely be reaching out with questions soon.
done - good luck!
thank you!!!
Done! Great idea, good luck! :)
thank you so much!!
thank you!! 😆
@akp completed the survey, Aileen :)