TODAY 7.30 PM CEST @brAIMS get insights on how to keep your companies running at our event today of Founder Stories!

Hi amazing ladies!! If you're looking for some inspiration, insights and advice from fellow female Founders on how to grow and sustain a Company in these challenging times joining us today at 7.30 PM CEST brAIMS in our "Founder Stories" event, where Founders from the brAIMS community will be sharing their stories on - How they turned and idea into a company?- How they meet their co-founders?- What are their insights on keep going while these challenging times? We'll host a cocktails Networking session afterwards where you'll be randomly paired for 5 min with an attendee!!! Great no? ❤️ We missed the Networking sessions after an event as much as You do! Si bring a friend and see you tonight!