Have you ever wanted or need a mentor?

Hello hello! At brAIMS we want to know if you have ever wanted or feel you need a mentor to boost your career or company growth. As a founder myself, who has had many forms of advice while starting our company, I definitely see a huge value when you're starting from scratch, especially if you're learning how to start a business or don't have an entrepreneur background. I feel that while I was building the team at brAIMS these people were key to get feedback from and check on the trajectory and goals prioritization we were taking, I also learned some new skills while I had a marketing mentor for 6 months. What are your thoughts on this? You can fill the survey or leave your comments here if you'll like to have a mentor. Feel free to share the research link with a friend who is interested in having a mentor!
Thanks for sharing Iynna! @paigeomura happy to connect if mentorship if of you're interest!
Thank you for your input Monisha!