Get helping hands into your fundraising efforts at brAIMS! We intro you to investors

Hello ladies!We recently launched our second call for companies to join our Show-Up initiative, we know and are convinced that building your product, knowing your problem, talking to your users and growing is the FIRST and FOREMOST important thing for your company, that's why we built brAIMS fundraising path, to help fundraising founders in getting to the doors of investors.This year will complete our selection of 50 companies, over 150+ companies have requested a spot and we have made more than 70+ direct introductions to interested investors.So, if you already know how to scale, or are looking to test your product-market fit because you already launched request a spot here and we'll review your company stage and our network opportunities to take some of the load off of the getting intros process!See you soon!
@TheresaGarcia maybe this can help
If you need anything Theresa, let me know! @TheresaGarcia
Thank you both so much @iynna & @Tharamaroa !!! Very very much appreciate it!! Just signed up and am working on filling out our company profile now!! <3