Find your mentor with us this Wednesday and Thursday 26th & 27th! brAIMS x Margot Community

This week #may 26th and 27th we are hosting an event in Partnership with Margot Community to help you find the RIGHT mentor!At this 2 days session event, you'll be able to pick the brains of some exceptional women leaders across industries from companies like Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, Teen Vogue, The Walt Disney Company, and more.The sessions will be moderated by Margot Community founder and Emmy Winner Joss Richard and they'll be addressing the importance of investing in your future while compensating women for their time and experience along with practical advice on How to Find the right Mentor.On the 27th you'll be able to join a Speed Mentoring Networking session to leave the event with a mentor fit and start investing in your future! Stay tuned to know who is coming ;)Know a women founder or talent looking for mentorship? Tag her!! and get your #earlybird tickets today! We have limited spots!#mentoring #margotcommunity x #brAIMSnetwork
@Tharamaroa, so excited for this event! Thanks for sharing!
For all of you interested! just left the link to the event in this post!!