Relocated to NYC during COVID - advice how to network & find friends?

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Feel free to DM me! Happy to meet up virtually or in person :)
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Welcome! This was also addressed here (not NYC specific but can give some thoughts)
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Hi Anon. I'm not based in NY, but I have found CreativeMornings events ( to attract an incredibly awesome group of people interested in tech and the arts and their HQ is NYC. Events are virtual now, however, if that looks interesting, you could consider reaching out to their organizers and maybe volunteering. You could consider attending other virtual NYC-based Meetups, too, and looking for NY-oriented technical Slack groups.
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Here there! Also relatively new to NYC and in tech :) Like @teresaman said, would be happy to meet up in person or virtually.
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Please feel free to DM me! Happy to meet.
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I’m relatively new to NYC (been here less than a year), in tech, and I lived in Israel for 4 months during college. Would be happy to connect :)
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Hey - welcome to NYC! I'd love to virtually meet and get to know you. :) It's always hard moving to a new place (and even more so right now, mid-pandemic!), but here's what helped me and hopefully can help you as well: Meetup groups you're interested in are a great way to meet like-minded people - plus a lot of them are still hosting virtual events and networking sessions. Some other places where I tend to find events I'm interested in include Charlie O'Donnell's newsletter (, Gary's Guide (, and the Skint for non-professional fun events and things to do around the city ( Other than that, I've also enjoyed Cafecito ( as an easy way to virtually meet people I wouldn't otherwise have.Happy to share more stuff based on what you're interested in - New York is a wonderful city, and I'm sure you'll find a wonderful community and home here. :)
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Always down to connect as well!