Celebrating Black Women on Elpha – our roundup is live! ✨Featured

Hi Elphas!

In honor of Black History Month, we are celebrating Black women on Elpha. ✨

We asked you to nominate a Black woman who you admire – fellow Elpha members who are leaders, creators, co-workers, and friends.

We loved reading the beautiful stories and connections you formed with these women and appreciate you sharing them with us.

From caregiving advocates to early-stage investors, meet the brilliant women who are breaking barriers and creating an impact in their communities today: Celebrating Black Women on Elpha 🖤

Thank you so much @Josefina for the write up and for everyone who nominated me :') I am so honored! And to my other fellows ELphas also highlighted, keep crushing it, we are so grateful for you @LisaG, @jikajika, @aminagass, @Erna, @sheiladst, @Dom, @itsthatladydev, @AlysaTurner, and @mcraeteisha!
This is so wild. Thanks everyone for the nomination and the tsunami wave of LOOOOOOVE! I appreciate you!!!
Love being part of this community 🥰🌈🙌🏾
@Josefina thanks again for that write up and thanks @sheiladst for the nomination. Congrats fellow nominees @LisaG, @jikajika, @aminagass, @iynna, @sheiladst, @Dom, @itsthatladydev, @AlysaTurner, and @mcraeteisha!