Celebrating Black women on Elpha (nominate by Feb 11th) 🌟Featured

Hello Elphas! ☺️

We love to recognize and celebrate the amazing work you’re all doing at Elpha!✨

In honor of Black History Month, we want to celebrate Black women on Elpha who are excelling at what they do by featuring them in an upcoming article.

We ask you to nominate a Black woman (you can nominate yourself as well!) who you especially admire for their impact, their character and career journey, and the innovation they are driving in their fields. (If they’re not on Elpha, invite them with this link!)

These women are leaders, creators, executives, doers, and innovators who are breaking barriers and creating an impact in their communities. 🙌

We invite you to comment below, mention them with their @ Elpha username, and share the reason why you have nominated them.

And if you get nominated, why not pay it forward and nominate someone else?

Can’t wait to read all your stories and meet more amazing, brilliant women! 🔥

👉👉👉Deadline to submit your nomination is Friday, February 11th.

I’ll go first! I nominate the wonderful @iynna who many of you may already know :) I haven’t known her for very long but already have many reasons to admire her. She's made that much of an impact! I admire her for her career trajectory, from working at the UN, to launching a sanitation social enterprise in Cameroon, to starting an MBA at Wharton School and becoming an early-stage investor at Moxxie Ventures – this woman has got credentials! I also admire her for the passion she has for helping others – whether it’s by creating meaningful connections and introductions, sharing valuable insights about the VC world and fintech, or giving really thoughtful and tactful career and/or life advice. And on top of that, she’s incredibly warm, funny, and a delight to be around! β™₯️ So nominating her was a no-brainer!
CRYING BRB πŸ₯Ί! Thank you Josefina β™₯️ This is so very kind of you! I am soo happy we met and get to work together- so much more amazing things to come! So much love for you!
I'd like to nominate @jikajika! I actually have the Elpha community to thank for my meeting Gigi. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more creative and generally GOOD human. She's a badass sneaker artist and creator of dope content (ask her what she can do with a roll of toilet paper) πŸ˜…. Unfortunately, so many women still think there can only be room for one, but Gigi has unsubscribed from that nonsense. Since we met a few months ago, she's become a great project accountability partner because she's so willing to keep it real and remind you to just get started. If you're looking for someone to add color to your life, both literally and metaphorically, Gigi is that squirrel.
Awww shucks! Thanks Alysa!πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°And yes - for anyone that needs to hear it: 1 - Start. Today. Right now.2 - Don't wait to be motivated to do the thing. Make a schedule for yourself & stick to it. 3- Turn the daily work into a habit (e.g., every day from 8-8:30am I write 2 crappy pages...every day from 7-8am I draw the human head, in asaro fashion, 15 times...every day at 6am my job is to jump out of bed, get my clothes on, and be at the gym by 6:30am)Let's ignite our human experience and be the person we see, and want to be, in our heads! WOO!!!🀘🏾😝🀘🏾
Yesss - Gigi is the best!
Teeheehee! Thanks Kelsey!
@jikajika is an absolute ray of sunshine! So thankful to have her here! She never fails to make me laugh while always adding value to each post she interacts with!
Awww! Thanks Iynna!
I nominate @iynna too. I think she is a phenomenal and passionate woman. She is always ready to help and finds time to reply to posts. She might not know this but she has inspired me alot and I also discovered Elpha through her.
@FridahKanini aww you’re making me blush! Thank you so much for your words, you are so nice! It’s truly been a pleasure to be here and support so many of you. It’s also not hard to do given that each of you is so delightful! So excited to continue build this relationship β™₯️
Hi There, I'm a Black Woman. I Love Elpha and the Virtual Community Space that it offers Professionals. I acknowledge and nominate all of the Black Women on this platform. Your efforts don't go unseen, heard or felt. Even when you don't have that extra time to contribute--your impact is huge. You inspire your colleagues, co-workers and supervisor. Your presence adds more than D&I data driven numbers. I affirm that it adds value to the very places and spaces that you inhabit. Historically Black Women have always been galvanizers, leaders, supporters and the like in their own rite... behind the scenes/out of the limelight but nevertheless there. I affirm you. All the Best. May you be Celebrated Always. And find time for Active Rest. Kayla|The Beebodi - IG @beebodi Workplace Wellness Adovocate & Consultant
@KaylaHarley it is so nice to meet you!
@iynna FTW, she is just an all-round powerhouse. She is doing amazing, brilliant work and also been such a huge help connecting people to co-elevate/support each other here on Elpha.
@WenlinT you’re an absolute sweetheart! This means so much to me and I am so excited we met and are building a friendship β™₯️ i can’t wait to continue to learn from you and from all the work you do to support and uplift women!
I would like to nominate @iynna :)I know everyone has seen how helpful and responsive she is on here and how much she is willing to help out but what's even more remarkable is that she is just like that IN REAL LIFE! I had the honor of being Iynna's intern a few years back and as I look back on this time I just can't help but think "wow, this woman really is top tier". On top of that, she took a chance on me when I had barely no experience and when I was coming from another country with a big dream to work in NYC and she continuously advocates for under represented groups. Her voice is so powerful and so needed! Very grateful for her.
@inesgaiech first of all, it is so good to see you here! And second thank you for the nicest words, it means a lot!It has been such a joy to see you grow professionally and personally! I hope you are happy wherever you are!
I'd like to nominate @mcraeteisha -- a former coworker (and present-day friend) of mine whose career as a software developer is taking off πŸš€ I've always admired Teisha's curiosity, tenacity, and grace. Not only is she brilliant at what she does, but she's quick to pick up new skills and never stops learning. She graduated from the University of North Carolina and has gone on to build a career spanning social media marketing, operations, and now development. *Plus* she was working a full-time job while getting through a coding bootcamp last year. Oh yeah... and she's just the funniest, most caring friend. Love you, Teish!
Thank you so much, Kels! Reading these kind words has been the best start to my Monday. Love and appreciate you πŸ€—
Two that come to mind for me are:@LisaG. Founder & CEO of tEquitable. She's building a company that serves as an independent, confidential platform for addressing issues of bias, discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Also personally – Lisa has been extremely supportive of Elpha and me. She's one of those people that goes above and beyond to support others, and is someone I know I can always count on. So thank you, Lisa!@Dom. Dom was previously Director of Events at Y Combinator and most recently Director of Engagement @ AllRaise. She was also one of Elpha's first members. Dom is super generous with her time, and is always thinking about how to support founders and investors. She's worked on many initiatives to support underrepresented founders, including an annual event she co-created called When Founder Met Funder. When Founder Met Funder connects Black female founders to investors and fellow founders. Last I checked she was also actively investing in early stage startups, so if you're looking to raise $$, definitely check her out.
Wow, thanks Cadran! Reading this reminds me of how much I've actually done. Often times I just keep going and going. I'm currently on my year long sabbatical taking a much needed work break focusing on my mental health but will be back in the swing of things in the spring. Thanks for recognizing my work/effort. :)I too vote for @LisaG because her work is incredible but also she is just an incredible person all around!
Thanks @cadran and @Dom. Gotta say, the feeling is mutual!! I am so grateful to be in community with y'all!
Hi! There are incredible black women on here all doing great work! I have mostly engaged with @iynna so would like to nominate her! She is awesome and incredibly hard working, driven, and inspirational! The support she has given this community is incredible. I feel so fortunate to be part the Elpha community team with her and have the opportunity to learn from her! Thank you :)
@dipishapatel I am so grateful for you! thank you for the kindest words! I've so enjoyed working with you at Elpha and I am so excited to see what's to come for you!
Hello Elpha Community! I would like to nominate the phenomenal woman @Erna who introduced me to this community. She is the founder of CG360, a platform that helps caregivers find valuable resources. She is a caregiving advocate, researcher and leader. February 18th is National Caregiver’s Appreciation Day. @Erna is a dynamic speaker who helps employers recognize and acknowledge the tremendous burden that caregivers (primarily women) carry. She helps employers implement solutions to help their employees reduce burn out. This is especially valuable during this pandemic to address the great resignation. She works tirelessly to mentor and champions the importance of self care.
My goodness, thank you @sheiladst! Without you there would not be a CG360! And, that's why I'd like to nominate you! @sheiladst is a leader in the startup world! She elevates startups that support health and wealth improvements. And, as an advocate for women entrepreneurs, she proactively connects people with the aim of increasing impact. She tirelessly gives to the community serving on nonprofit boards promoting youth and literacy. And, she does all that while being an amazing mother and caregiver. Her light shines so bright, you can't help but be moved to succeed. Thank you @sheiladst!
@Erna You are too kind! Lending my support to startups and founders like you is so important. It helps us play a role in shaping the the future we want to see.
If I would be so bold, I would like to nominate myself πŸ₯ΊI am a pretty vocal advocate for minorities to get into tech. I mostly post content on Instagram: and have been posting on Tiktok this year as well to spread more awareness about working in Tech.I have a non-traditional path into the industry where I went from Social Work to Software Engineer by attending a coding bootcamp and really being intentional about my career change. I'd love to share this experience on a wider level to inspire people that look like me to learn tech skills and make the switch to tech.Kedasha πŸ’–
I'm going to nominate @AlysaTurner because she's a fearless, fuckin' boss with middle fingers in the air. πŸ–•πŸΎπŸ˜ŒπŸ–•πŸΎI wish I had half of the knowledge, guts, & skill this superstar has at her age. And the way she writes...🀩We FLOODED her post & her DMs (I'm sure) when she published her last article here (if you missed it: Making it the most popular of 2021. I think she broke the record in like 24 hours!πŸ˜‚#bossmovesFollow her. Digitally stalk her even.The "corporate & cultural reset" is nigh, and we all got plush front row seats with M&Ms and popcorn, watching it ALLLLL unfold in front of us - and she's going to be part of the squad leading the charge.She's writing all the things we want to say, with a lot less fuck-bombs being dropped. Take notice.She's one to watch πŸ‘€
This is too MUCH nice πŸ₯² Thank you, @jikajikaI believe in "The Reset" on a visceral level, but I know we can only achieve true progress together. The idea that I can use my voice to champion positive workplace change and reframe our relationship to our careers gets me up in the morning! I eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I guess you can say I'm obsessed! I'm so thankful to be a part of a community of so many folks who are ready for the shakeup!! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
I'm excited to nominate my friend, @aminagass! Amina is the Manager, People Operations at Netlify and for a number of years now I've been really impressed by her approach to People Ops and culture building. By balancing a product mindset for People Ops with a deeply empathetic approach, Amina creates really special workplaces and communities. Amina has such a gracious and warm presence that always makes me feel safe and validated! πŸ€—
@maryjantsch You are the kindest! Thank you so much for nominating me. I'm thankful to be a part of this community πŸ™ŒπŸΎ