Laid off while 6mos pregnant: Looking for advice on navigating job search during third trimester

I was laid off recently from my role as a Senior Product Designer at mid-sized startup and am currently 6mos pregnant. While I received severance (enough to cover me until after maternity leave) I am itching to have something lined up before then. Would love any advice/thoughts on navigating these situations especially when being interviewed for smaller companies - eg startups where I might be joining a team of ~2-3 designers.

- When in the interview process to disclose?

- If I were get to an offer say in my 8th month... what kind of negotiating is helpful at that point? I would essentially be working for ~a month then going on leave.

- Suggestion for companies that have supportive good family policies

👋 hello!While I personally have not gone through pregnancy. I have heard of many helpful stories about maternity leave in tech companies! I've heard there's plenty of people who accepted job offers, worked for a month, and left for parental leave for 3 months. Those companies truly value the work that individual can contribute, and therefore isn't afraid to support them in their life journey. Some even accepted offers, already had a month long trip planed, so they work for a week then go on a month long PTO. It happens! Don't feel guilty! Just gotta pick the right employer! As to when to disclose, and I don't have experience in this, is also coming from a "what would I do, that feels fair and transparent, if I was 8 month pregnant during an interview." I personally think is okay to disclose after the interview result, is it a hire or no hire. Cause they can still take their offer away, but now is obvious why they did. Now if they really push for an answer during the interview phase, "what's your availability? When is a good start date? We're expecting this role to start right away after hire." To me, that employer got deadlines to meet, which is fine, so I would just let them know when I'm available for work. Now if they push for a more detail answer, that's an employer who's not respectful of people's lives. Let alone if I was pregnant or not. So I think is fair to just say you aren't available x month to y month. And you can totally keep the details to yourself! You don't owe anyone an explanation! Is how I feel. Then again, I haven't need to have that talk yet during an interview, that's just something I feel is a fair way to interact. I'm Curious what experienced Moms have to say! I heard Pinterest got some of the best maternity and parental leave! You'll have to check when they are hiring. I also think maybe you can make another post asking "Calling for all Parents, why did you choose to work for your current company?". I have noticed that some companies just doesn't respect families, so those companies all only ever have employees no older than 35 yr old. So some companies almost all employees have family.Hope this is helpful by ANY means 🙏And CONGRADULATIONS on the baby ❤️🥳
We hired someone who was 7 months pregnant. She told us after she accepted the offer and we were really happy for her! She came back from leave and is crushing it. Do what’s best for you! :)
Disclose after the offer. It’s literally not supposed to be part of their decision making by law. Why do they care?
Thanks for the input and advice everyone! Super appreciate it.
This was my recent story - disclosed when I got the offer but before I accepted it, and yes to negotiation. Remember that you are interviewing the company as much as they are you. In short - put yourself out there and advocate for yourself. It's a win for you and a win for the company that you will likely be very loyal to. I know I am. Good luck!
Just saw your response! Thank you for sharing your story. I’ve actually just gotten my first verbal offer and I am preparing the script that I will need to say to them as I hope to accept it. Im due in mid-May so I’ve got a pretty short window, but I’m hoping I can make an impact in that time and that they can still offer me the benefits up front.
You've got this!!
Hi! I'm so curious how this turned out for you?? I know your baby is due any day now! Wishing you the best!