Is there a database or list of companies that cover egg freezing?

I'm looking to jump companies this year, and I'd love to join a company that providers egg freezing/IVF as a benefit. I know that the large tech companies (google, salesforce, amazon, etc) and some consulting companies (bain, mckinsey) provide this as a benefit, and I've seen the first page google results with all the large companies that cover it, but what about smaller companies? Does anyone know of a database or list of companies that provide egg freezing as a benefit?

Such a great question which I hope will lead to a thread of responses! I will start by plugging Elpha partner companies that have fertility benefits and you can absolutely check roles and apply directly 💁‍♀️, here were some helpful threads with extra resources if you have some time to go through them:If the process of egg freezing is cost prohibitive for you: resource was shared by community member
In general, employers need to have at least 600 employees in order for Progyny or Carrot to start offering financially attractive rates for fertility coverage. Until they get to that size, it's basically as if the company has to pay $100k extra per employee in order to get coverage, so it rarely makes sense for a company to do it. You'll sometimes see startups provide payroll through the PEO SequoiaOne where one of the plans offered will also provide a $10,000 fertility allowance; however, that will barely even cover the cost of 1 cycle of egg freezing.What's most common at smaller companies is that employees who want fertility coverage will approach leadership about reimbursement for the procedure on a one-off basis. This would be a good thing to negotiate after you receive a job offer, but before you accept a job. You should get a quote from your clinic of choice for a "cash pay" cycle (no insurance), and then assume that you might need 2-3 cycles. So you are probably asking for $30-50k in potential reimbursement.You can also consider these "fertility vacations" where you travel to Europe to freeze your eggs for a fraction of the cost (closer to $5k per cycle).The other loophole is that if you live in New York state, you can get 3 cycles of IVF coverage if you have an infertility diagnosis ( However, this does not apply to egg freezing, unless you are about to undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer. It sounds like this isn't relevant for you, but if you were seeking to use this, you would want to clarify before accepting a job that the employer was "fully-insured" (NOT "self-insured"). Companies that have 50-500 employees are more likely to be fully-insured than larger companies.