Software Developer Communities & Meetups

I have just completed a Front-End Developer program (after a career as a Creative Director in the startup space) and I am looking to connect with other software developers. Does anyone know of female and/or NY-focused meetups/communities I could join?

Congrats on finishing your program! Which one did you do? Women Who Code NYC had some good meetups I attended when I finished my bootcamp (I went to the Turing School) and started job-searching:
Thank you! I’ll check that out. I’m doing the codecademy full stack program. Now that I’ve finished the front end portion I’m hoping to work on some projects while I learn the back end and anything else that I might need to know for a full time role. Would love to chat about getting your first job etc if you’re up for it!
Happy to! My program did Ruby on Rails for the backend, and there's also a really solid womxn's Slack community called WNB.rb if Ruby becomes an interest for you.
Hi @ajasinger ! Congratulations on completing the program! I'm a software engineer based in London, I am planning to take a trip to NY at the end of the month and I'm also looking to attend some meetups :)
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Hi :)Hope you see this.Besides Women who code you can also try:- Also, I help women get transition into tech every day as a career coach in tech so if oyu have any questions don't hesitate to ask ;)
Thank you so much I’ll check this out!!