Freelancers for personal branding projects

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Hello, I hear you call my name! Ghostwriter here. You can review some of my 2020 freelance articles here. Shows some range: though I’m open to speak more personal type of articles. I’m available to speak to you. PS: I also run and have an army behind me :)
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Amazing! What’s the best email to reach you with more details?
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You can reach me via I look forward to hearing from you :)
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Hi!Social media manager, podcast, & video producer here! I'd love to chat with you!
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Sounds good - what's the best email to reach you?
aleyahllovet's profile thumbnail ! Thank you!
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Hi @ajasinger! I hope you are well. I used to manage social media and copywriting for and the W Hotels of New York. I'm now working as an independent freelancer and would love to work with you on an ongoing basis. I'm happy to send samples of past work. You can email me at if you would like to connect further. Thank you! Bailey
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Great! Emailing you now!
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I’m an college student majoring in Advertising with a concentration in Emerging Media. My goals are to work with digital design, social media management and content creating. If you need any kind of entry level work (digital design, social media management, etc.) just let me know!My portfolio can be found at (I am in the middle of redoing my website, so apologies for it being a mess right now. But my work should all be on there in the “What I Do” section.)