What's your best life advice?

Hi ladies,

What is your best life advice?

I've been collecting the best life advice from people around me for some time now, and I want to extend it to people I don't know personally because I think I can learn from everyone.

Whether they are deep, funny, specific, or not, they can be useful to all 🖤

Desperation is like perspiration, it shows and it smells.
ahahah, true!!
It’s ok to take your time in your career, social life, relationships etc. No one has everything figured out as young adults.
Really needed this one πŸ–€
I’m happy it resonated with you 😌
Don't regret any choices, it's not worth it
Keep working on the quality of your thinking (mindset, thinking patterns).The more you work on it, the more will you recognize that every action, every behaviour, every emotion is consequence of your thoughts. Changing your thinking changes your actions, guides your motivation, shapes your communication and relationships, defines your emotions. There is not a single aspects of your life or wellbeing that is as impactful as your thinking. Use that power.
Thank you very much for this. πŸ–€I have to read more about this topic and learn to use wisely that power.Any recommendations for books or podcasts are welcome :)
I think CBT tools (cognitive behavioural therapy - but look for books that are written about tools, not the books for therapists) and NLP can be great toolboxes for this - so a good book is NLP workbook by joseph o'connor I also did a several free webinars on this topic, each with different tools - you can find the list here (just look for anything that mentions "mindset", as there are many other topics there too) -
Thank you very much, I will look at it closely :)
Know that clarifying your best fit career path is POSSIBLE and quite BENEFICIAL to do BEFORE any job search/transition!