Interested in co-living?

Hey girls!!

I'm a startup founder and I'm currently building Getyna.

As a digital nomad, I realized that many people are looking to join co-living/hacker houses to work and meet people (loneliness is the main difficulty this community experienced).

However, the ads of houses to share are scattered on social networks and are not always addressed to the right people

That's why I created a platform to join a co-living/hacker house or create your own.

What do you think about it?

Any feedback is welcome!!

Have a good day


The website:
Looks great! šŸ˜€
Thank you Melinda!!
Awesome idea! I'd love to see more about safety since living with strangers can be... strange! :)
Hello Sara!Thanks a lot for your comment :)So as far as safety is concerned, it's an issue that is very important to us.Here are a few things we'll set up, to make the experience as safe as possible:1/ ID verification to validate the profile of users (without which you will not be able to join a house or create your own).2/ Ask users for their social media for transparency purposes.3/ A recommendation system where your friends will be able to recommend you, and so will the people you lived with.4/ A dedicated chat room so that you can get to know the people you're going to live with a little more.Feel free to suggest any other point that would make you feel safer while using a product like this :)
That sounds great! Maybe also a dedicated # in case something goes wrong?
Great idea!!
Concerned this encourages a lack of boundaries between work and play. Anyone else agree?
Background check.