My fight to break back into tech – April SpeightFeatured

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Such a great story! Keep going. Loving watching your story unfold.
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Thanks, Marlena! :)
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I can totally relate... I am frustrated and angry as well 😅, because its been around 6 7 months I am unable to land a job in tech industry and it is making me go nuts. I am worried as hell. but its good to hear from u. gives me some motivation and inspiration.
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Sonia - happy to help/brainstorm ideas. I do not know anything about your background but would love to help. Send me a DM.
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hi veni! would love to connect and chat, but unfortunately I don't know how to DM in Elpha cz m new and unable to find the button 😬🙄
veni's profile thumbnail :)
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I am going through something not so different, changed career to tech three years ago and going between full time low pay to self employed as UX/UI designer and now in a second phase rethinking if I should upskill and learn how to code and work as software developer/UI developer or just move to become a project manager again (btw I did really well as a PM)
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Do whichever makes you feel 'whole'.There's so many paths that I could've taken when I was doing my job search between roles. However, I ultimately knew that I'd only truly be satisfied if I did something that made me feel complete.Find whatever that is and go for it!