Diverse product leaders will redefine what leadership looks like for the better.Featured

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Hi Elphas – today we're featuring Yana Welinder as part of our ongoing series with women doing impressive work in tech.Yana – thank you for joining us!Please share your thoughts in the comments below.
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How insightful and inspiring!
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Thank you for sharing a relatable experience! If you had a do-over, or a different co-working environment, what would you advocate for changing or doing to improve the current environment without hiring? Would you advocate for forming allies during your pregnancy, more transparency about how you're feeling, or something else?
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Developing allies is usually the best idea and something I've done in different contexts. But I don't think it would have worked here. I think the only way to improve the situation would have been to promote more women (mothers even!) into relevant leadership roles. In this particular case, I was the only woman in the room and most men were either single or married to stay-at-home wives.
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Thank you Yana for being an inspirational leader for hiring diverse PM's! I was a Sr Manager at a consulting firms and a PM in a startup, so I have experienced many work environments. I applaud you for using objective measures when hiring. How do you think we can teach more hiring managers to consider those? I also think there is a great opportunity to create mentorship programs for women early in their career (especially new mothers) and experienced women.
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Hi Beth! Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn! I'd like to put you in touch with the Women in Product lead who focused on the workshop portion of our program. Look forward to collaborating this! :)
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Hello Yana - Looking forward to collaborating!