✨NEW✨Resource: How to prepare for a performance review, case by caseFeatured

Hi Elphas!

Our latest guide provides tips and advice on how to prepare for a performance review so that your manager can meet you where you are at.

Whether you’re focusing on developing in your role, happy with where you are, feeling like you’re lacking in motivation, or gearing up for that raise/promotion talk, we got you covered.

Check out the guide here.

Thank you to @HeatherZweig, @emilygiddings, @nadiadeala, @MaggieRuvoldt, @lindseylathrop, @annamiller, @iynna, @anniesalvador, @sarahing, @jennie, @laurennkuranga, and @ara206 for sharing your advice with the community.

We hope this guide helps you navigate performance reviews with more clarity and confidence, so that you get the most value from these meetings, ensuring that the conversation aligns with your goals and aspirations. ✨

This is amazing! Such a great resource to keep in your back pocket
Solid- thank you!!