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Hi Elphas! We want to discover which companies are the best workplaces for women. There’s so much knowledge within the Elpha network, and we’re curious whether together we can figure out the companies that are the most female-friendly.To rate your company, visit We’ll keep your identity confidential, and you can update or remove your rating at any time. Please give us a truthful answer for the company where you’re currently working. Once we have enough submissions to draw meaningful conclusions, we’ll anonymize the data and share it on Elpha and perhaps more broadly. We’d like to produce a live list of companies to reflect the changing nature of workplaces and the satisfaction of Elphas employed at them.We’re hopeful that pulling together our shared knowledge will help us all stay more informed as we make decisions about our careers. Let us know if you have questions in the comments. Thanks!
I love that you're compiling this data. I got a page not found message on the learn more link, FYI. (
Thank you for flagging, Becca! We will fix right away.
This is brilliant and has so much potential to finally solve issues of inequities, including equal pay!!
Awesome to see this! Survey completed by me!
I just did the rating! Thanks for this initiative! Hopefully it could allow us to have more flexibility to do comments and reviews of the company yet still keep the opinions concise.
Thanks for the feedback, Murielle!
This is a good idea for a starting point! I’ve rated my company as well but it is worth noting or keeping in mind that whilst a company might have great policies, how we experience work is more directly tied to the kind of manager we get....
Yes, indeed! There's a comment field for exactly that reason. Thanks so much!
I am currently the product manager at a company called InHerSight, where women rate the female-friendliness of their companies. Over the last couple of years we've helped millions of women find and research companies, and we have ratings and scorecards for more than 100,000 companies in the US. Feel free to check us out at www.inhersight.comI'd love to chat about ways we can partner to make a bigger impact!
Do you also look at companies outside the US? Would love to help bring this over to UK/EMEA!
Employers and employees from all over the world are free to use our platform! Our audience is primarily in the US but know that this needs to be a worldwide movement.
This is a great idea. I would also suggest to put the fact that the data will be annonymous on the review page itself. I had to go back to this thread to make sure that my data would not be publically facing wtih my review. Thanks for doing this. I hope that not only do unrepresented people in tech see this data, but employers so they can change their corporate culture to be an inclusive and safe enviournment.