actively looking for a job as intern in ecommerce as digital marketing/affiliate marketer

I exactly don't know which member to mention as I'm new here, Don't know much about how it works. But actively I need a job as remote from India as an internship or fresher whichever will suit me at a current position. Looking for an intern in digital marketing/email marketing/sales funnel/landing pages/social media marketing/affiliate marketing etc to earn and at the same time to learn more for better career growth. Just looking for a chance to prove myself.

Hi @Dil,The best way to look for jobs on Elpha is through:• Elpha’s Official Partners -• Our job board by other Elphas - more importantly, join our exclusive Talent Pool at where companies can reach out to you based on your experience and what you see as important values! You can also learn more about how we thought about our talent pool here: see you've linked a URL on your post, would be great to describe what it is so people can take a look!-Tanmayi