Office Hours: I’m the SVP of Network Engineering, Operations & Transformation at T-Mobile. I’m Edwige Robinson AMA!Featured

UPDATE: For those of you who signed up for Live Office Hours, Edwige will be responding to your questions directly on this thread.

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I’m Edwige Robinson, SVP of Network Engineering, Operations & Transformation at T-Mobile where I take pride in leading an exceptional team responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the 5G network in the US.

Before T-Mobile, I held leadership roles at renowned companies like Verizon Wireless, Time Warner Cable and Comcast NBC Universal.

Ask me anything about operations, inclusive leadership, being a board member and advisor, navigating the tech industry as a triple minority, STEM education, social impact, engineering, how to cultivate courage to fuel growth, or anything else!

Thanks so much for joining us @edwigerobinson!Elphas – please ask @edwigerobinson your questions before Friday, February 16th. @edwigerobinson may not have time to answer every questions, so emoji upvote your favorites 🔥👍🏾➕
@edwigerobinson thank you for sharing your time with this community.My questions to you:1. How do you show your expertise as an engineer to progress into more design and system architect kind of roles?2. I think someone already asked this but how to position oneself to getting hired with T-Mobile?
What's some challenges you would love to solve but is deemed "out of your scope of work"?
Hi Edwige! thank you for spending time with us on Elpha! I am so curious about the Transformation part of your title -- what kinds of things fall under your responsibilities, and what have you found digital transformation entails when it comes to Network engineering? Is it different at every company?
Hi Edwige - thank you for spending time with us on Elpha! With your multiple leadership experiences, what would you say are some of the most effective ways to show up as an inclusive leader towards your team?
Hello Edwige, thank you for your time and opportunity to chat! I've heard a podcast with you from 2020 and really liked the part about priming your mind in the morning, as well as choosing compassion when in doubt. Have these two practices evolved since 2020 for you and if yes, can you share your favourite new insight / thought / practice around these topics?Alternatively, I'd have a general question: what top 2-3 of daily practices, tactics, rules/affirmations that you've tried throughout your live, would you say turned out to be the most powerful and significant to your success?Thank you in advance!
Good morning Edwige, in addition to posting jobs on this site, what does T-Mobile do to attract more female and minority talent? I see a lot of women in leadership roles at T-Mobile so there must be some intake funnel that you utilize to find candidates for open positions.
So excited for this one and to have the opportunity to chat live with you, @edwigerobinson!