Certifications for TA Professional (CIR, ACIR, CDR, etc.) - Are they worth the money?

Hi all,

I have been in TA for over 8 years now but never took any certifications above. Now, that I just got laid off, I want to take this time to add knowledge and edge to my qualifications. Now, these courses are not cheap and I am curious if anyone finds it helpful for them to land a job.

I am sure it will be informative but is it something that I need and would not be able to find from other free resources out there? Any pros and cons if you had taken it before? Any other alternative suggestions?

Thank you very much!


Sadly not in this world so I can't speak but @lamiyakothari is in HR and have been looking for roles to so maybe she has some insights. And then @leahrietveld might be able to help you as well!Other than that, my guess is your experience is solid and could speak for itself
Thank you!