Looking to grow in your career—Forum has custom groups for you!Https://

I am a psychology researcher, turned long time teacher and career counselor, turned tech recruiter, and now peer support specialist. My company Forum has some great groups for those in my network who are teachers, former teachers, or in career transitions.

If you want more information as well, let me know and I am happy to help you in whatever way I can to make the group that best helps you most accessible:

Establishing your Post-Teaching Professional Voice (I'm joined this one led by my friend Claire Smizer THE expert on teacher transitions)

Transitioning to a Business Aligned with Purpose | Women's Group

Educator's Renewal: Beating Burnout Together

Tech Layoffs: Accelerate Your Job Search

Pivot with Purpose

Thank you so much for sharing, Leah! these are such interesting topics that I think could be relevant for many elphas here including the following: @zghopson @cecileoreste @whitneysartain