London meet-up?

Hi everyone!

I'm expanding my career into women's health (currently work in cancer polilcy) and I'm based in London. I wondered if anyone else is in the same industry (or entering the same industry) and is based in London that wants to meet-up to discuss relevant topics or attend events together?

You can find out a bit more about me through my LinkedIn ( or send me a DM!


LOVE this, Kris! Super exciting to hear your interest in women health, I invest in those spaces and I'm excited for our future! YES we have a number of Elphas in London @sarahing @fleurnittolo @sarajsz @SkylarZhang @TanjaD @kristenshannon @nodunayo @JelenaJansson @eloisebloniarz @mariawlosinska @lucymitchell @LisaWang15 @krystalk @ariellemckenzie @agatawojtatowicz22 @dishashanbhag @emmajacobs @samaralinton @louisequinn @rheannamathurin @ellenadjei @daniroo @amyfreelander as a starter!
Hi @kristenfoerster, I'd be up for going to networking events together. I'm 3 weeks into a new role as Stewardship and Events Manager at a men's suicide prevention charity - James' Place. Even though we work with men, policy, health and wellness, science and innovation affect everyone.Here's my forward to meeting, even just for a coffee.